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Information about School Cancellations due to weather.
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Saturday, August 16, 2014
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School Closing

School will be closed when weather conditions are such that buses are unable to run safely.  A broadcast will be made utilizing the SchoolReach Broadcast System to notify students and parents/legal guardians.  Announcements will also be made on radio and TV stations, KY3 and KOLR10.  Please do not call the administration or radio/TV stations for this information.


At times, school may dismiss early during the day.  In the event such a closing should occur, a School Reach broadcast will be made and media notified.  Information should be given to your child as to what he/she should do if this situation arises.  Please keep a watch on the weather, especially in the winter months.  If the school should send your child to another destination or phone someone to pick him/her up, please have this information on file in the school office.  Time is short in emergency situations and every effort will be made to keep students safe.

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